For Organisations

For Organisations

Emotional and relationship difficulties are not confined to the personal arena. During my years as a manager, I have seen first hand the impact that both emotional and relationship difficulties can have on the workplace, from stress, to workplace conflict, to extended sick leave. All have a financial implication to organisations and ultimately impact on productivity, morale and overall wellbeing.

I firmly believe that for organisations to invest in supporting staff during challenging times is ultimately to invest in the sustainability and productivity within the workplace.

I offer a range of services which support organisations to better support their staff:

  • Mentoring/Supervision of non clinical staff to support effective practice and skills development. Taking time out of day to day working and to reflect and evaluate achievements and challenges can impact both on wellbeing as well as efficacy in the workplace. Sessions facilitated by a professional who is not in a line management role offer potentially more flexible and creative support. Such support can be especially helpful during times of organisational change. Sessions usually take place on a monthly basis but can be flexible to meet individual need.

  • Group supervision for healthcare/educational practitioners to identify and build on good practice, to share challenging work situations, to promote consistency of approach and to offer collegial support. Groups are often held on a quarterly basis but can be adapted to meet organisational need.

  • Workplace relationships. Conflict in the workplace can impact on the organisation as a whole, affecting morale, productivity, stress levels and overall commitment. With many years experience of supporting people to manage challenging relationships, I support organisations to help employees more effectively manage their work-based relationships.

  • Emotional support and counselling. It’s not uncommon for emotional difficulties to impact on the workplace, whether it’s workplace stress, feeling overloaded, or an employee experiencing a difficult time in their personal life. Such difficulties can lead to time off work and for some, extended sick leave. For organisations wishing to support employees at challenging times, I offer support and counselling for a range of presenting issues.

The above list is not exhaustive - please ask if there is a service you are interested in but which is not covered above.

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