How can Counselling help?

Most of us will experience times in our lives when we feel less able to cope. This may be due to a specific event or may be the result of stress or unhappiness that has accumulated over a period of time.

Talking things over with an experienced counsellor can help you to feel understood and to have a greater understanding of yourself. Counselling is an empathic, non­judgemental process which explores difficulties in the present, sometimes linking these to past events, with a view to empowering you to make positive choices about the future.

Counselling may be able to help if you are:

  • Having difficulties with personal or family relationships
  • Having problems adjusting to change, perhaps through redundancy or early retirement
  • Experiencing any kind of loss or bereavement
  • Suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or finding it hard to cope
  • Facing a problem that is hard to talk about or resolve
  • Not feeling good about life at the moment and you don't understand why
  • If you would like to find out more, you can call or email me to arrange an initial appointment. At this first meeting we will have an hour to talk about your concerns and for us both to see if we would like to work together.

Ongoing sessions are usually weekly, at the same time each week. I offer sessions both in person and virtually. We can discuss which might be most helpful during our initial conversation. My fees are £70 per 1 hour session. Some reduced cost sessions are available for people who might find it difficult to meet the full cost.

To find out more information or to book an initial session, please call 07788 543741 or email ​